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Raven is a long time Paranormalist and Tour Guide.  
Her participation in and acquired knowledge of the occult sciences, ie, everything Supernatural, Magical, Mystical and Paranormal is impressive. She has many other qualifications that just might surprise you too. Having worked together for years, she's been personally selected by Spooky Steve to be your "Hostess With The Mostest", Wednesday thru Saturday and Late Night Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl, Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30 pm. Raven will most definitely show you a real good time, right here in "America's Most Haunted City", beautiful Savannah, Georgia! 

See Y'all Real Soon!



Raven On Left. Madame Red On Right 

Madame Red is a born and raised Savannahian thru and thru. Her family has been here for well over 200 years! She knows our Savannah well, it's history, ghosts and watering holes. Madame Red will be your hostess Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday for our Haunted Pub Crawls at 7:30 pm. 

See Y'all Real Soon!

Madame Red

Spooky Steve


Spooky Steve is an Internationally known Ghost Hunter and Tour Guide. Spooky owns and operates Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours. He's currently working on a TV pilot.

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