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They don't call Savannah "America's Most Haunted City" for nothing my friends! In fact, many say this charming Southern city is a "Necropolis", a city built upon it's own dead!

Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours is all about providing the ultimate tour experience and great customer service.

We are a locally owned and operated company not a chain. When you need to reach us, a real person from our office will either answer the phone or respond to emails.

(912) 667-3156

Refund Policy

We do not generally issue refunds, the only exception being dangerous weather conditions, (see below).

There are no refunds for no shows, late arrivals or wrong date booked. If you need to reschedule with at least 4 day's notice, you will be able to reschedule for up to three years at no additional charge as long as we have room on the day you are requesting. All rescheduling requests must be sent to our office


Mother Nature/Inclimate Weather

Tours take place rain or shine. However, we always err on the side of safety. If Mother Nature sends us dangerous weather conditions such as heavy lightning and /or severe winds etc, we will try to notify you as far ahead as possible of any changes and or cancellation. Make sure we have your email or phone number so that we can contact you. Cancellations for these reasons are rare but do occur from time to time. If Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours cancels a tour for safety reasons, we will either issue a refund or reschedule you on another tour at no extra charge at your convenience as long as there is room available on that tour. Call or email us anytime during business hours. 

So Keep In Touch!



Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours, Spooky Steve and Raven are committed to providing only the very best tour experience.

We're Here To Have Fun!

Anyone behaving in a disruptive, or otherwise disorderly fashion, will be asked to leave the tour without a refund. Please be respectful of your guide, other patrons, and of private property while on tour. We have Zero tolerance for people interrupting the tour while Spooky Steve and Raven are performing.

This is a Fun Tour. Absolutely No Grumpy People Allowed!

This is a Pub Crawl, People Drink, Some people Smoke, no, not inside establishments, but outside in the open air.




All our tours are taken at your own risk. By purchasing a ticket for our tours, you hereby release Spooky Savannah Inc. Raven and or Spooky Steve., its employees, contractors and agents, and those representatives, administrators or agents of the company or person who has provided you with this ticket, of any responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or claim which may occur to you or to your belongings before, during or after the tour is completed. The foregoing limitations of liability apply to and include, but are not limited to, losses, theft, damages, injuries or claims resulting from conditions over which Spooky Savannah Inc, Spooky Steve or Raven has control as well as those conditions and occurrences over which it has no control. No employee, contractor or agent may enlarge or alter our liability herein, either orally or otherwise. The purchase and use of your ticket either printed or registered via phone or internet to participate in the tour will constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of the foregoing limitations of liability. Let's be safe, Let's have fun!

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